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We are looking for the resources to fill the following positions:

Software Testing Professional

You can look beyond the obvious (what meets the eye) and have the knack to find the needle in the haystack. You can think beyond the code, the guidelines and visualize the overall picture and assess from the user’s perspective. You have a working knowledge of the customer operations, the software development processes and product development lifecycles. You are a team player and keep the team/peers motivated as the role works on a broad array of critical issues including automation, integration and interoperability.

  • 1. To create use cases, conduct tests, create methodologies and procedures to ensure continuous improvement of products/solutions.
  • 2. Develop test strategy and test plans for products/solutions; works closely with development to ensure products achieve desired level of quality.
  • 3. Define and implement testing methodology and standards to improve results.
  • 4. Demonstrate competence in debugging/resolution of the issues.
  • 5. Define and implement testing methodology and standards to improve results.
  • 6. Contribute to product and process improvements and refinement of QA practices.
  • 7. Keeps commitments and creatively addresses roadblocks/barriers.
  • 8. Mentor and provide guidance to less experienced QA engineers.
  • 9. Accurately estimate sizing, schedules within area of responsibility.

What you’ll need to rock in this role

  • 1. Good understanding of Selenium WebDriver and UI Automation tools. (Preferably)
  • 2. Self-reliant & complete understanding of the entire Testing Life Cycle.
  • 3. Proven ability to creatively solve problems and collaborate with others to find solutions.
  • 4. Desire to rock project after project on deadlines like it’s your job (because it is)
  • 5. So organized and detail oriented you can find a needle in the haystack because you know exactly where you put it.
  • 6. Ability to handle multiple projects at once and do it well.

To Apply: Email resume at hr[@]eCoreTechnoS[.]com

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