eCore Services

Cyber Forensics Solutions:

Cyber Forensics Solutions include Cyber Security Labs Consultancy,Cyber Crime Investigations, Cyber Law Consultancy,CERT Consultancy, Infrastructure & Security Management. These are comprehensive services which aim at providing the complete solution for the cyberspace issues. These also provide various measure that are required to be taken to protect cyberspace.

Web Security Solutions:

Web Security Solutions includes Web Penetration Testing & Hardening. As wireless networks are becoming an easy targets for criminal hackers and corporate spy agencies and cyber spammers, they are vulnerable to provide a backdoor entry to an organisation's IT infrastructure. The complete wireless security assessment is undertaken to identify the wireless vulnerabilities present int he system.

Secure Compliance & Auditing Solutions:

Medical Compliance is to ensure that information security becomes a core pillar of rather than an obstacle to,the broad adoption of health information systems & exchanges. All organizations within the healthcare industry currently face multiple challenges regarding the information security.