Introduction to Secured Software Development Lifecycle

With the increase in the usage of computers and networks, software has become highly pervasive with its penetration in each and every sphere of life. Thus, the security concern has to be augmented as well. The most reliable way to ensure security of the software is to incorporate security features at all spheres of software development lifecycle process. The cost factor decreases considerably when the vulnerabilities and flaws are discovered and fixed at the early stages rather than after the launch of the software. Therefore, earlier the security features are embedded; the better it is for the software life cycle process. The entire software development lifecycle when embedded with security features is known as “Secure Software Development Lifecycle“. Various phases of SSDLC are:

Why eCore SSDLC?

Protect Customer Trust:

eCore believes in creating a secure bridge between the customer and the company .The client is treated here as a friend and an associate rather than limiting to professional relationship Read More..

Support Business with Secured Solution:

We consider developing an IT solution as one thing and a secured IT solution as another thing. Keeping in mind the security concerns, we make sure that the solution provided by us is a secured IT solution.Read More..

Ensure Protection of Sensitive Information

Data being the heart of every business, it is important to ensure its complete protection.Read More..

Deploy with Secure Feature

The deployment of the solution is done with various secure technologies that are embedded at each of the phases of Development Life Cycle to create a complete secure package resulting in a secure business.

Reduce Development Cost

The cyber security experts with their in-depth knowledge of the industry create a customized end product compiled with the security features. Read More..

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