Why eCore SSDLC?

 ●   Protect Customer Trust:

eCore believes in creating a secure bridge between the customer and the company .The client is treated here as a friend and an associate rather than limiting to professional relationship. We ensure that the solution is implemented with a joint effort, keeping the requirements of the client in mind at each and every step of implementation. The vision and mission of the company are aligned in same direction hence providing an efficient solution.

 ●   Support Business with Secured Solution:

We consider developing an IT solution as one thing and a secured IT solution as another thing. Keeping in mind the security concerns, we make sure that the solution provided by us is a secured IT solution. We follow various business models depending on the requirement of the customer and the type of solution to be provided. The implementation of the secure solution is done by incorporating security features such as risk assessment and management, threat assessment, design and code review so that the vulnerabilities are discovered at an early stage of development and it does not affect the business of the organization at any stage.

●   Ensure Protection of Sensitive Information:

 Data being the heart of every business, it is important to ensure its complete protection. We understand that irrespective of the type of industry and/or vertical is completely reliant on data. We also ensure all the information given by the client stays confidential and secure.

 ●  Deploy with Secure Features: The deployment of the solution is done with various secure technologies that are embedded at each of the phases of Development Life Cycle to create a complete secure package resulting in a secure business.

 ●  Reduce Development Cost: The cyber security experts with their in-depth knowledge of the industry create a customized end product compiled with the security features. By conducting threat assessment tests, code and design reviews, vulnerability management etc. at various levels of software development, the cost of development as well as implementation is reduced to a great extent as the vulnerabilities are trapped and fixed at very early stages.